Funky Friday Wiki

Animations are mechanics in Funky Friday. They are animations that you will see as you play ingame. They cost points, which is the currency of the game.

The default animations in Funky Friday are the default animations, which you will see when you first start the game.

List of Animations


  • The Zardy animation is currently the only animation that uses a different microphone.
  • The only animations that does not use a microphone are Breaker Style, Riot Shield, Kapi, Garcello, Tord, Glitcher, Duck, Demon Tricky, Sakuya, Tabi, Dual Pico, Expurgation, Betty, Shaggy, Coralie, and Camellia.
  • The Riot Shield animation is the only animation that lets you change the decal on it.
  • In April 30, 2021, the Sky animation was removed. It will stay for historical purposes.
    • Everyone who owned it got a refund of points.
  • When using the Admiral animation, planes will fly above the player every few seconds.
    • In some times when hitting notes, the turrets will fire.
  • When using the Sketchy animation, you turn into paper.
  • The reason why the Brightside animation was removed due to circumstances involving the mod author.
  • Using the Garcello animation will make you transparent.
    • "Smokes" will change color depending on what arrow you hit.
  • Ruv, Gospel, Selever, and Tabi are currently the only animations that use after-image.
  • The Beach Bro animation got removed the day it was added to the game, making it the shortest-lasting animation.
    • The reason why it got removed is because the developer of the mod tweeted something that is considered hateful.